Pink Pink World

Summer is no longer the season of long pretty legs, it is now the season of Flamingos. I am actually serious, starting from May, I kept seeing flamingo merchandises like neon lights, notebooks, hats hangers, floaty.etc, just wow. Anyway, I went to a modern herbal tea cafe in Central, it's called Flamingo Bloom. Although the…Read more Pink Pink World

Yo! Let’s go clubbing ;)

The cornerstone of nightlife in Asia, Hong Kong's Lan Kwai Fong otherwise known as LKF is a must go for club goers. From the buffets of nightclubs lined up right next to each other, I got your plan sorted for your next few nights in Hong Kong. One of the first party places you'll go…Read more Yo! Let’s go clubbing đŸ˜‰

3 Korean Beauty Youtubers you should also pay attention to

Not just Pony, there are some other Beauty Youtubers you should also be paying attention to/ subscribing. Don't get me wrong, I personally like Pony a lot as well, especially she has a really cute personality. But there are also more beauty Youtubers that might be as awesome as Pony. No.3 Kimdax I discovered her…Read more 3 Korean Beauty Youtubers you should also pay attention to

The Heaven For Chanel Fans 

Coco Cafe is FINALLY in Hong Kong! I believe most of us are fans of Chanel at some point, I started being a fan of Chanel when I first learnt about luxury brands. Everything about Chanel is just so fancy to me, the packaging of their goods, their golden double Cs logo, that 'click' sound…Read more The Heaven For Chanel Fans